Mary creates home and garden decor and artisan jewellery from her garden studio in historic Ladner, BC

Much of the materials she uses are locally sourced......BC stones from her rock hunting excursions, copper scrap salvaged from local scrap merchants and materials traded with other local Rockhounds.

Mary considers herself originally a Lapidary (one who works with semi precious stones, grinding and polishing them into beautiful cabochons to be set into jewellery or other art pieces) but has expanded her artistic abilities to include Metalsmithing so that she is able to set her stones into her own hand wrought sterling  or copper settings.

Following in her mothers footsteps, Mary sees her artistic talents more as an ability to feel the nuance of each stone which in turn enables her to create a setting echoing it's natural qualities, resulting in pieces that are singular in nature, as is nature itself.

Ken McIntosh

Ken's early education contained both the Arts and the Sciences, while his post secondary studies focused on Metallurgy.  He was able to find a satisfying career in the Steel Industry, always referring to himself as an industrial artist.

His excellent hand skills and attention to detail have allowed him to enjoy jewellery design and construction as a leisure pastime for approximately 30 years.  In the last five or six years he has been exploring the nature of glass.  Ken truly feels the better you understand a medium, the more creative you can be with it.

Ken enjoys exploring the possibilities of creating in a variety of materials.  Being given time now to become "The Blacksmith Jeweller". Ken loves the creative process and loves sharing this with others.

Dixie Cutler

Dixie  enjoyed a successful career as a publicist in BC’s film and television industry but writing press releases and arranging actor interviews left her craving a creative outlet. In the 1990s, she took a jewelery making course and fell in love with silver and stones. An artisan jeweller was born.

A floating home and studio on the Fraser River fed her love of light and texture. Many of her handcrafted pieces reflect the river’s ever-shifting surface. Hammered silver mimics rain-dappled water. Reticulated surfaces are rough, like storm-driven waves, and a smooth, polished finish evokes calm nights when the water perfectly mirrors nearby lights.

ⓒ Creative Jewellers Guild of BC.

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Broken Ox Creations

There are many reasons why i began making jewellery. Love of stones, escape from past, a proactive activity, etc. I never, ever, imagined myself making jewellery- it just sort of happened. I stick with the practice because it is a discipline. It, to me, is an exercise I marvel in. Like chasing a carrot on a stick, there is always another project to make; a more complex project. And so I don’t make jewellery for the money or for the prettiness of it. I don't even wear it.
I am addicted to the inherent progress that is becoming of it. Its an adventure and one that has brought me reverence and pride.

I work out of my home studio and drop in studios, aspiring to make wearable sculptures; art that transcends superfluous jewellery designs.

7700 - Minoru Gate, Richmond, B.C.


Robin Adams

Robin has a background in both Retail Jewellery Sales and Gem and Mineral Education.  He has a certificate in Mineralogy from the Canadian Bureau of Mines and Energy and a certificate in Colored Stones from the European Gemological Society.

Starting in Lapidary work, he progressed to Professional Jeweller as a salesman or Manager in a number of shops in Vancouver, BC as well as his own shops previously in both Portland, Oregon, and Downtown Vancouver.

Now semi-retired and on becoming an Artisan Jeweller, he is currently the Vice President of the Creative Jewellers Guild of BC; has been a contributing member of CMAG (Creative Metal Arts Guild), and has current membership in VMAA (Vancouver Metal Arts Association) and the Richmond Gem and Mineral Society.